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Video: Wife caught Husband cheating in toilet with side chick, dumps phone in water closet and flashes it.

Cheating has now become the order of the day in many matrimonial homes. As to who is most faithful in a relationship is always a daily debate on social media. But still yields no appropriate response.

A husband has upgraded himself in cheating as he was caught live in the washroom speaking with a lady who is believed to be his side chick.

He was confronted by his wife who heard a soothing voice conversation continuously for some minutes.

She questioned him who he is speaking with and he answers “no one”. She proceeds and orders to see her husband’s phone to confirm her doubt, but he refused to give out the phone

To cut matters short, he quickly dropped the phone in the water closet, closes and flashed it.

His wife looked so surprise to see her hubby flashing his cell phone in the toilet.

This has raise debate online as to who the husband was speaking with and why he decided to dump his phone through a water closet.

Below is a video of the scene.

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