In a sad incidence sighted by, a lady and her boyfriend poisoned themselves to death after their family members refused to get them married after dating for 6 good years.

According to reports gathered by, the supposed couples took poison and died together because their families rejected their union for reasons best known to them.

They both come from Otiga, Ihiala local government area, Anambra State in Nigeria.

In a letter they wrote before their painful demise, they stated that.

“How can we separate after six years of dating and getting use to each other, how???”.

“We love each other and had wanted to spend the rest of our lives together. We have already planned our future together, we have already struggled to secure a better future”.

“But now that things are turning around, they say we can’t get married all because of an ancient belief that has been abolish in other villages”.

In the deceased own view, they don’t see why they should suffer a belief that was invented by their forefathers. They further revealed that, the people of Okija decided to live in the past by believing in ancient stories.

“Our fore father’s choose to believe in this crap because of ignorance. Our God created us equally so why will human beings discriminate. We will keep suffering for our own deeds”. They added.


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