In a video that is circulating on social media. A young Nigerian Lady went onto her knees to propose to her boyfriend whiles in public. She was later observed rolling on the floor because her boyfriend turned her down.

The lady in the video proposed to her boyfriend in public and he rejected her. She broke in tears and rolled on the ground like a 5 year old kid. Could this be the power of true love or she is just faking it.

The man seems not to be interested in her so she was crawling and sobbing on the floor whiles holding the ring in one hand. Her other hand was use to held her man’s feet.

The young Nigerian lady thought she met the angel of her life and is deciding to spend the rest of her life with him. But the guy seems not to be interested in her.

Viewers around the locality told the man to stop humiliating the lady in public. Others advised him to simply accept her proposal by taking the ring. Some spectators too were amazed seeing what was happening.

This is actually the matters of the heart, not everyone will understand her feelings.

Watch the video below!


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