A man who took to social media to expose secrets of his suppose wife has melt hearts with his sad revelation. He cancelled a wedding scheduled to come off in few days after finding out his fiance is having 3 kids with another man.

The Nigerian man shared this severe regrets after finding out that he was nearly lured by a born three.

He therefore seeks advice and opinions from others as to “if he should continue with the marriage or cancel it”.

He wrote;

Please help, I need advice, I am very confused man, I don’t know what to do in this.

There is this girl I met in Lagos she help me find a house in Lagos from there we started dating.

I asked her to marry me and get pregnant for me. Later she got pregnant for me. She started disturbing me about marriage rights.

On the wedding day I discovered that she has 3 children for one man. I have asked her several times even before she got pregnant she keep saying no.

A day before the wedding, one of my uncle called me and tell me that one babalawo said that the woman I want to marry has 3 kids already.All that day I wasn’t myself I woke her up at midnight and forced the truth out of herShe admitted and start begging me to forgive her, she said she has been looking for the best time to tell me.

All this are happening on our wedding day, she beg me not to tell anyone that it can be secrets between me and her alone, I insisted that I must tell my people from my state enugu to Lagos.

My people discouraged me and said I should thank God for revealing this early.That’s how I cancelled the church wedding.

Court marriage 30th SeptemberChurch wedding 2nd OctoberBut Before that wedding day, we did court marriage.

I told her that I don’t want to do court marriage because if she cheat on me I will divorce her and loose my half of my money she got angry, the first day we didn’t talk, 2nd day same.

Then 3rd day she start packing her loads, I beg her to stay that we have few days to church wedding she insisted that If I don’t do the court that I should cancel the church wedding that she can’t trust me without court marriageWe did the court marriage.

Without my parents consent cuz it didn’t come from my heart, her junior brother is the one that sign for me in the courtI don’t know what to do in this situation oo.

Her first son is 13 years 2nd son 8 years 3rd girl 6 yearsAnd now she is pregnant for me aa. Am 30 years while I don’t know her real ageWe have lived together for 8 months before I could discover thisAnd during this period we have been togetherShe controls me alots and that make me sadShe shout at me tooIf ask me to do something for her and I refuse it becomes problemPlease what do I do ?


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