Since the invention of makeups, nothing seems to look real in most women. Ranging from bottom to top, skin colour, butts, hair and others.

Its sometimes overwhelming seeing some celebrities without makeups, some are hard to recognize without their makeups.

As a result, this has raised many questions as to whether makeups are meant to add beauty to woman or a tool to scam men.

But in actual sense, makeups is a scamming tool to most men. It doesn’t portray how real an individual looks, imagine admiring someone’s butts only for you realize its fake.

Hair, nails, camel toe, butt lifts, flat tommy and other beauty tricks has been in the system for a while now. Another new one has hit the market and we have seen some women wearing it.

It gives them pretty look, and standing b00bs with erect n!pples. It may look original if not properly observed.

See Photos below.


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