Modern technology has a lot of advantages as compare to its disadvantages. In this article, i am going to compare its advantages making reference from 100 years ago.

Home entertainment:

Home entertainment: 100 years ago, home was very boring because the mode of entertainment as at then was not pleasing.

Also, not all caliber of people could enjoy their form of entertainment. There was nothing like radio, television, speakers, phones, games, computers etc.

However, thanks to technology all these devices are now available at our doorsteps. Now one can be in his/her home alone and still feel like he/she is living with others through technology.

For example, devices such as phones is use to access the internet where millions of people meet. To socialize and have fun with each other through text messages or by video calls.

From the comfort of your homes. One can interact with their friends and family members anywhere in the world without moving an inch from their locality.

In addition, you can watch your favorite entertainment or educational programs from your comfort zone. This can be access through devices like phones, computers and televisions through the internet.

However, hundred years ago, people were not able to interact with friends or relatives through electronic means. Unless in a physical manner.

Televisions and radios are use to access news, entertainment programs like sports, beauty pundit shows, pre-recorded audios and music videos.

Most valuable information such as this CIVID19 pandemic could be access through these devices.

Comparing this to hundred years ago, radios, phones and televisions were not in existence. Therefore information sharing was not vibrant as it is now.

Young people nowadays can acquire skills such as driving by using video games and virtual reality cameras. Which is productive in future. But years ago, what kids do was making non beneficial play’s and these made them unproductive as kids.

Thanks to technology kids can now invent many stuffs like robots (using Arduino robotics pack) from home after schools activities. All these serve a lot of entertainment and education to people nowadays.  

Labor saving devices:

Labor Saving Devices: hundred years ago, electricity was not in existence in some parts of the world. Therefore labor saving devices like the electric washing machine, stove, electric iron, automatic doors and lightening systems,  corn mails etc. Where not available in many parts of the world.

Years ago, It was difficult and tedious to wash bulky clothes at a go which was time consuming. But thanks to technology (washing machine) one can easily accomplish this task in a lesser time.


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