A video that is making waves online had two g@ys who wanted to practice the unwarranted bedmatics inside a car which they parked by the road side.

In the video, they were seen trying to remove their shots to start everything. But unlucky for them, they were caught by another couple passing by with a car.

They drove by them and after seeing what was happening, they reversed to see the act. Surpringly, they were shocked to see them performing the illegal act.

The culprits dropped from the car and started begging the couples to stop videoing them. They received series of lashes and backlash from the media.

The Ghanaian societal values, norms, beliefs and religious bodies does not permit legalization of the ungodly act, even though people do it secretly.

Watch video below.

In other news, a g@y couple in Kasoa Ghana, st@bbed his partner because he cheated on him with a girl. They are currently in police custody waiting to be prosecuted by court.

Most Ghanaians are strongly against this supi supi and trumu trumu thing.


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