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Pastor Impregnates 20 Church Members, Claims Holy Spirit Ordered Him to do So

Pastor impregnates women
Pastor impregnates women

Nigerian Pastor who is in the person of Timothy Ngwu has impregnated 20 females from his church and claims its the work of the holy spirit that instructed him to do so.

Pastor Timothy who is the General Overseer of Vineyard Ministry of the Holy Trinity at Enugu has been arrested for impregnating 20 members from his Church.

The 53 year old Timothy Egwu after the arrest had the gust to claim that it was the Holy spirit that commanded him to do so.

The police spokesperson Ebere Amaraizu revealed that, Timothy Ngwu has been charged for Abuse.

The pastor claims his actions were commands from the holy spirit, and he follows the orders given to him by God through the holy spirit.

“For him, it does not matter whether the woman is married or not, all he need, is to do what is revealed to him by the holy spirit”.

‘When the Woman delivers, the child is supposed to remain in the ministry for life with her mother. whether married or not”. He added.

According to the Victim, He never had encounter with any of the women without the knowledge of their husbands, following request made by the holy spirit.



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