After a successful election in Ghana, Amerado teamed up with Bogo Blay on the 27th edition of his weekly Yeete Nsem news update. Some of the gossip trends that he tackled in this episode consist of prophesy from fake pastors, John Dumelo not wining the parliamentary seat and others.

Some of the fake prophets were advised to stop prophesizing about election and concentrate on their work. Production credits goes to TwoBars on this one.



During the week after the election, a bunch of issues cropped up and Amerado decided to put it together in a song for his fans and Ghanaians to enjoy.

The new patriotic party took lead in the elections and were declared winners. The National democratic congress came second and has refused to accept defeat following claims that they have been robbed.

According to them (NDC), the sitting president use the security force purposely the Military and police to intimidate their people. In so doing, they were able to rob them forcefully.

They claim the NPP and the Ghanaian media together with the EC collaborated to carry out this indecent act. The EC even made mistakes in their calculations of the percentages allotted to each political party.

After loosing the election woefully with a percentage of less than %1, Leader of the Ghana Union Movement GUM, has announce publicly that, he will be going back to the church to continue worshiping God. To him, the church is where he belongs.


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