The two young Ghanaian content creators, Teacher Kwadwo and Kwadwo Sheldon has pick a big feud on social media as one claim to be better than the other.

Instead of them to give their followers the pace to judge between them who is the best comedian. One is busily debating and claiming to be the best whiles their followers sit back and watch.

Everything started when Kwadwo Sheldon YouTube account got terminated because he did a reaction of Sarkodie’s happy day song which features Kuami Eugene. His account was terminated based on copyright infringement about three weeks ago.

Kwadwo Sheldon has filed a complain for his account to be restored so he can create more content for his followers.

After Sheldon’s account termination, teacher Kwadwo came out on social media to share a post in which he seemed to be happy about what happened to his fellow content creator.

Some few days after Sheldon’s account termination, he created a new ad-hoc account and urged all his followers to follow his new account in order to continue receiving new content daily. On the other side, he is waiting for his account to be restored by YouTube.

Teacher Kwadwo later came out and told his fans to also follow the new ad-hoc account created by Kwadwo Sheldon. However, Kwadwo Sheldon is not pleased with his opponent support because, he thinks teacher Kwadwo is making mockery of him.

The main issue that resurrected their fight was when teacher Kwadwo got awarded as the best content creator for this year edition of national communication awards 2020.

The self-acclaimed best content creator Kwadwo Sheldon, was also part of the nominees in same category as teacher Kwadwo. Unfortunately for him, he lost the award to his rival. This created a whole lot of brouhaha on social media purposely Twitter.

Their fans took to social media to do a comparison of the two comedians and judging among them who is the best content creator which raised a whole lot of issues between them.


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