A very sad incidence hitting us this morning, has two biological brothers identified as Ojo Ayomide 21, Ojo Hezekiel Abidemi 25, crashed to death after a careless driver drove on them in Ikere, Ekiti State of Nigeria.

Information gathered by sources had it that. The two deceased brothers got crashed by a track driver, on their way to see their mother on Friday 7th August 2020.

According to an eye witness, the Ojo brothers who met their untimely death branched to a fuel station to fuel their vehicle and on their way out, an incoming track ran over them.

Residents rash them to the nearest health center where they eventually lost their life. They were declared dead by health experts minutes after their arrival at the health center.

The driver after knowing the consequence of the incidence, took to his heels and left the truck by the road side. He is still hidden in an unknown location.


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