Technology as we all know has a lot of merits but also, it has some keen drawbacks that is making it not worth good for consumption. In this article, i am going to explain some of the demerits of modern technology at home.

High cost of living:

High cost of living: The use of modern technology in the home comes with its own demerits in terms of cost.

Day in and day out technology keeps improving and new things are been added to previous ones, the cost of buying modern technology items for use at home involves a very huge cost.

Examples of these equipment’s include, Deep freezers, Security camera’s, Cookers, Blenders, Electric stoves, microwaves,  Washing machines, automatic doors, automatic pump systems, automatic lightening systems etc.

Apart from patronage cost, installing some of these items needs special technicians to work with which also add up to the cost. Maintenance cost of such devices is also high.

It is sometimes very difficult to get a skilled person to repair faulty gadgets, such as automation systems like the door and lightening systems.

Some of these automation cannot be repaired and have to be replaced with new ones which involves another cost. In addition, most of these devices use electricity and consumes a lot of power, which boost electricity tariffs making electricity bills more costly.

Again, most of us like surfing the internet and when at home which comes with a cost because you will need data bundle to be able to access the internet.

It promotes laziness:

It promotes laziness: Introduction of modern technology devices such as the labor saving devices is making most of the people nowadays very lazy.

Activities such as Washing, cooking, opening of doors, grinding/smashing food items etc. serves a lot of exercise, which the body needs.

However, machines now do all these activities and human is sitting idle. Some days back, man has to moves miles to buy items like phones, fans, fridges, electric irons, etc.

Now from the comfort of your homes; you can order these items from the internet that will be delivered to you in a stipulated time.

Because of these facts, human beings now over rely on gadgets such as mobile phones, computers, and other digital gadgets to store all their contact information, photographs, texts, and other personal information instead of producing hard copies.

If they lose them, or the gadget breaks or runs out of power, then they are in trouble retrieving vital information.

Social disconnect:

Social disconnect: There is an increasing tendency for people to socialize and communicate via digital devices rather than through real life contact. This can easily lead to a sense of disconnect and isolation.

Human beings have evolved over thousands of years to have real contact, taking that away is a bad idea. Studies have suggested that the lack of real life contact is causing depression and other forms of mental illness in many people.

There are a number of psychological studies suggesting that the digital world is causing an increased risk of mental illness. Examples include reliance on social media for contact, online bullying, and work stress through information overload.


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