Mr. Chairman, panel of judges, accurate time keeper, co-debaters, teaching and non-teaching staff, fellow students, ladies and gentlemen, I stand here to speak for the motion that “Independence day celebration is irrelevant”.

Although independence day celebration may be considered by the country as an important day use in memorizing the strive our fore-fathers passed through to get us this enormous country named Ghana.

But it’s celebrations causes us more harm than good in relation to the economic losses the country faces each and every year.

Independence day is a day celebrated in remembrance of the day Ghana got freedom and became independent from the hands of its colonial masters.

This day is named as the Independence Day, which is observed, celebrated and enjoyed mostly by the state officials each blessed year.

Independence Day celebration has severe negative impact on our little income (taxes) that is derive from the pockets of poor farmers, traders and drivers who struggle to earn their daily meals, including workers whose yearly salary cannot be compared to that of a politician’s monthly allowance.

Mr. Chairman, This Independence Day has zero benefit to farmers, some government workers and poor civilians whose taxes is use for its celebration.

Instead, if this money is used to develop infrastructures like roads, hospitals, schools, pipe borne water and electricity it will improve upon the standard of living of the people in the country. 

In this case, it is use to celebrate needless occasion that gives some individuals the chance to steal from state funds which is meant for development.

Secondary Mr. Chairman, Independence day celebration causes financial loss to the country, for instance each year, there is a centralized place allocated for the celebration of this nuisance, the president and other cabinets including civilians who also use their hard earned money to go and witness this non beneficial occasion.

The Environment is also polluted with harmful dust and  noise caused as a result of moving vehicles, musical instruments and people singing which causes public disruption.

Mr. Chairman, Government institutions lacks most facilities, for instance, government schools lacks computer labs, science labs, libraries etc. that could have improve upon our educational system.

In other secondary cycle institutions, students are packed outside like animals as a result, they go through a lot of stress especially newly admitted students, whiles this harmful canker could have been reduce with funds used to celebrate Independence Day.

Although Ghana became independent on this day, but I don’t think we need huge sums of money to honor this day and even giving unnecessary holiday to some workers whiles we leave others behind such as the security service (Police).

In addition, it slows down academic activities and brings unnecessary pressure, stress and workload as well as financial loss to teachers and students who are involved in the matching process.

Mr. Chairman, panel of judges, accurate time keeper, teaching and non-teaching staff, fellow students, ladies and gentlemen, I have disproved my opponents argument by proving that “Independence day celebration is irrelevant” because they failed to attest to the fact that Independence day celebrations promotes corruption, stress, financial loss, poor development, pollution, pressure etc. Therefore, it is regarded as total nuisance.

Thank you.


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