Since there is a demonstration Nationwide on the current government Concerning the development of the country, citizens has taken it to the next step by asking the government to fix the country as soon as possible.

Most of the Problems that citizens were expecting the government to pay heed to includes, the recent increment in prices of products and unnecessary taxes that was impose on goods and services.

Unemployment, high cost of living, illegal mining, no drinkable water, Power outages (Dumsor) and others is part of the Problems Ghanaians are calling government to fix.

One of the most talked about nationwide problem is illegal mining which lead to complete contamination of drinkable water bodies.

This has put the state officials on their feet to fight the illegal mining activities and have started using the ghana air force, who were seen in a video firing bullets from a distance.

Citizens were wondering if the soldiers were shooting Illegal miners or they were just shooting random farmers in their field.

Watch video below…


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