Matters of the heart is becoming so serious these days. This is as a result of recent broken heart that is speculating on social media.

From videos of people who get broken, it seems to be very painful and not easy to withstand. Some people even go to the extent of killing or hurting themselves.

A lady who claims she has foreseen a future break up with her current boyfriend, has decided to cure it with with a strong warning.

She went to her boyfriend house with some of her friends carrying calabash in their hands. They threatens to curse him if he break her heart.

The guy who could not coup with it then took to social media to share the heartbreaking story of his girlfriend who threatens to curse him if he dare break her heart.

He wrote “my girlfriend came to my house with her friends all of them were holding a calabash. She told me if I dare break up with her that she will drop d calabash on the floor and I will go mad. She told me she saw it in the future that I am going to break up with her”.


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