On Friday 12 November 2020 Ghana lost a legend and of course a former president, Jerry John Rawlings whom Ghanaians are still mourning.

In other news the only son of the former president is being attacked by a lawyer, Mr Maurice Ampaw as he label him as a useless being.

According to lawyer Maurice Ampaw, Kimathi Rawlings is the only known son of the late president but he has not done anything to leave up to his father’s name.

To him, ex-presidents Rawlings has pave a way for his son but he is not making any good use of the opportunity granted by his father. He expect the young man to engage in politics just like his father.

“He is his only son but he isn’t doing politics. instead of him to do something he is idle. Even his sister Zenatto is a member of parliament so why is he not into it”. He said.

Kimathi has not shown any interest to do politics. He has not open up on any of the allegations.


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