The ministry of Gender, children and social protection, Hon. Cynthia Mamale Morrison has spark social conversation as she promise to renovate witch camps located in various parts of the country.

Speaking to the press, on 2nd September 2020, Hon Cynthia Morrison revealed her plans to prevent old women accused of witchcraft from physical assault and bullying by the public.

Many has been neglected by society and family members for cases of accused witchcraft. Others fear to go back to their communities and families because they may get Lynched. She narrated.

Witch camps are a better and safer places made purposely for victims who are accused of witchcraft. Camps are made to protect witches from attack or assault by other people. Also, to isolate them from their families as a form of punishment.

Recently an old woman accused of Witchcraft in the Savannah region was Lynched by inmates of the community for an accused witchcraft.


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