In a very sad video which got viral on the internet, a young man was seen begging the police to warrant him a death sentence.

The young man confessed committing various crimes, which include robbery and rape cases. Victims of which he raped consists of a wife and house help.

According to him, victims were robbed during robbery session. “I don’t have the intention to do that. But during my robbery session, i sometimes have the libido to squeeze something, so i forcefully sleeps with them to satisfy my needs”.

The media ask him how he manage to con people;

When i enter into the house, i will just talk to them so as to make them scared. But sometimes when they refuse to bring out what i need, then i start doing wicked things“.

He further disclosed how he rape victims. “I just go into their room and ask them to bring what ever they have on them. After that something will just prick me to do wicked things. I don’t know how this happens“.

Alleged cases of rape with over thirty victims were impose on him before his arrest. But he denied it and says its a false claim. He confessed he raped only three 3 people. “Its not true, i don’t use to lie, i have slept with 3 ladies“. he stated.

He pleaded to the police to kill him so that the country will be free from virus like him. He disclosed that, prison is only going to make him more troublesome than he is now. So the best way to solve his case is to expel him from this world.

Prison is supposed to be place where people will be corrected for their wrongdoings, but its a different testimony according to the robber.

He narrated that, His first time in prison was as a result of a stolen phone. Things became worst during his tenure in prison. He learned a lot of dangerous criminal acts which include robbing and others from prsion.

After he came out of prison, he expected his family members to extend a helping hand. But they all turned death ears to his situation which turned him to a wild criminal now.

He blames his parents and other family members for not being a good boy. He regrets for performing such criminal acts. Now he request the police to kill him instead of dragging him to prison. He believes killing him will solve some of the problems of the nation.

Watch video below;


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