Popular Ghanaian actor and tv personality Akwasi Boadi, who is widely known in the arts industry as Akrobetu has declared that, Dumsor (power outages) is the main reason the local movie industry collapsed.

According to him, the local movie industry known as Kumawood faced most of its challenges during the time of Dumsor which affected them to the core.

Speaking in the mist of other film actors and actresses with Nana Ama Mcbrown on United Showbiz. Akrobetu revealed that, the main cause of their failure was as a result of dumsor.

To him, Dumsor made it impossible for them to work all the time. In those times, they produce less movies and could sold out few copies on daily basis.

“Dumsor was the biggest disease to our industry, it was the main reason why it collapsed. We starting facing immediate challenges during the time of dumsor”.

“People who patronize our movies could not watch it on time, so we were not able to bring out more content for our fans”.

As a result, some of the actors and actresses had to encounter challenges because it rendered them jobless. Producers too had to back off as a result of low income and patronage.

In his view, they felt Kumawood will fail after they started experiencing power outages in the country between 2013 – 2016.

During the time of Dumsor, many business organizations had to expel some of their employees which led to massive loss of jobs in some parts of the country.

The general public noted the fall of Kumawood from 2017 till date. This was as a result of poor production and low quality of visuals. Also, poor editing and storylines were also a major challenge.


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