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Video: Driver rams car on armed robbers as they were robbing couples at Gun Point, leaves them with broken legs and severe injuries

Armed robbers Ghpluzz.com
Armed robbers Ghpluzz.com

A concerned smart driver ran over two heartless armed robbers as they were busily robbing couples in broad daylight at gun point.

The video captures moment couples where discussion about their love life whiles two gunmen from nowhere approached them. They were shocked as well, and they quickly surrendered.

Luckily for them, a fast thinking driver from the opposite end drove slowly towards the scene after seeing what was happening.

As he approached them, the robbers sensed something dangerous and starts moving their motorbike forward. They moved a little distance and with speed, the car driver rammed over them.

In few seconds, the driver knocked them down and drove away with speed. He left the armed robbers with broken legs and several injuries, but they managed to get on their motorbike and escaped.

The couples took to their heels, escaping from the injured gunmen.

Watch video below.



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