A young Nigerian man has been nabbed for stealing sardines at a supermarket. He pretended shopping whiles loading his tiny waist with sardines.

Segun Availeth, a Facebook user who posted the story on his timeline revealed that. The young man pretended shopping whiles his waist keeps increasing in size and weight.

As a result of this, the shop attendants kept a close eye on him, only to realize he was packing tins of sardines in his boxers.

He stole about 6 tins of sardines which he arranged nicely in his underwear.

According to Segun, he came to the shop with a tiny waist and wanted to escape with a heavy waist.

The young man could be seen nicely dressed in a white shirt with trousers and expensive footwear. In-fact most people will never think he is a thieve.

Please we are not allowed to post the images here because of copy right claims:


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