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Man crying and rolling in mud after girlfriend rejected his proposal (Video)

A viral video that got social media talking has a heart broken man rolling in mud as he begs his long term girlfriend who rejected his proposal.

According to sources reaching ghpluzz.com. The lady turned down his proposal after years of dating and spending his hard earned cash. The most disgraceful part of it is that, he proposed to her in the market thinking she will accept him.

In the video, the man was seen rolling on a muddy ground as he begs her to accept him. The lady then rejected and still pushed the man away. She was also seen angrily shouting and spitting unkind words on him.

According to an eye witness who posted the video, The man took the girl through out her education, bought her a car, rented and equiped her shop, only for her to turn him down on this important minutes of his life.

The man who could not hold the pain any longer then busted into tears and was rolling in the muddy soil with his “all white” outfit.

watch video below..



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