A disrespectful young man got the shock of his life for laying his hand on a traditional spiritualist who paralyzed him in less than 30 seconds.

Footage from the video shows a young who got angry at market women and started shouting on them. People around him were pleading with him to calm down as they find ways and means of sorting him out.

But he refused every effort put in place to lower his temper.

An old Juju man who stood beside the scene took it to himself to confront the young man. Guess what, he received the very hot slap of his life from the young man.

Retaliating to this, the Juju man moved backwards, took off his shirt and shouted. He was wearing red shirt with many dangerous designs on it.

The young man out of shock started pleading with him. The market women who had issues with the disrespectful young man also felt pity for him and joined to beg for his life.

Out of anger, the old juju man took a concoction from his pocket and touched the young man who fell down completely paralyzed.

Watch video below.

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